Return & Exchange

Return and Exchange Policy

- Returns or exchanges of a product is a right for all our customers, and it includes all the products that we offer on our store.

- All products offered on our store are subject to the exchange and refund policy according to the terms and conditions stipulated on this page.

- Returns or exchanges can be made if the product is in its original condition when purchased and packed in its original packaging.

- Return within three (3) days and replacement within seven (7) days from the date of purchase.

- Please contact us through the Contact Us page or through our phone numbers to request a return or exchange.

- Please take a photo and send the product with the city, address and order number specified so that it can be replaced with another product in the event that the product is corrupt or has a certain defect, or breaks down. it is not used in accordance with the agreement.

- The amount is returned to the customer in full if the product he received is completely different from the product presented on our website.

- We are not responsible for the expectations of the customer's use of the products, which we did not mention on the product page on our website.

- Deduct 30% if the customer does not want the product and the latter has no defect or problem mentioned.